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The art of optimism

Well, you may know that today it is an important day in France for our democracy, the current political climate is complicated and stressful. So why would I write this post today?

Precisely because a bit of hope and color will do us good.

But before closing this topic, I still want to express myself because art has always been political.

As an artist, the act of creating positions us and expresses a stance, a view on society. Even if the message is not direct, it is still oriented.

I choose to dream of possibilities in a more coherent and serene world towards our environment. In france we live in a beautiful country with such easy access to nature that it would be foolish not to take advantage of it and even worse not to preserve it. More broadly, we are fortunate to live in a country with a rich culture that has brought forth many philosophical and poetic thoughts. Creators, all more incredible than the others, have chosen France as a place of exile, have contributed, and still contribute to our heritage. Culture elevates consciousness and allows us to ask the right questions about ourselves. We have no right to abandon it, to stop choosing diversity, or even to stop encouraging it. By traveling extensively, I have realized that the mixing of cultures brings true richness, that discovering others and empathy are important for living together healthily.

It is for all these reasons that today's vote is essential and that it is all this richness that we must protect. We have no right to sacrifice it by succumbing to fear and despair.

It is through this journey that I wish to lead you to imaginary worlds that yet resonate with our human souls. They are based on the essential, to welcome nature as a sister whom we must preserve and not manipulate.


Light and Depth

From palette to brush, the canvases come to life by humanizing themselves. They plunge us into the depths of what we need, what we feel, and what we want to see. The elements express themselves through their strength and energy.

The latest piece, "Refuge," embodies the feeling of protection that these mountains bring to us.

For a bit of background, this painting was first created in 2018 when I had just moved from Annecy to Chambéry. It was in my student room that the first version of these mountains and its title, "I Miss You," came to me... as a need to return to those Alpine mountains where I had left a piece of my heart.

And then this past month, upon returning from Venice, the time had come to turn the page, to explore more deeply a terrain with a confident gesture that is found on my canvases today. Let the elements speak. Now, this painting aims to envelop us with kindness, to welcome us into its embrace, sheltered from prying eyes and at peace.

"I miss You", 80 x 80 cm, 2018 - Mortar & acrylic


"Refuge", 80 x 80 cm, 2024 - Mortar, acrylic and oil

Subsequently, these misty landscapes inspired me to create another painting, "Brumes," on a 30 x 90 cm canvas I had in the studio. The play of transparency from white to Payne's gray on a yellow-orange acrylic background brings both warmth and softness. It fits perfectly on narrow wall sections and is currently displayed at the Arcaé Architecte Agency while the oil paint hardens and the canvas becomes available.

Contextualization of the painting "Brumes" 30 x 90 cm, 2024, oil


Another piece, the completion of my lovers, a painting inspired by a rather personal experience in two parts, started almost 2 years ago. This diptych aims to interpret the poetic and romantic aspect of two beings firmly connected by texture, by the elements, and yet separated by distance. A shadow falls over them but cannot compete with the central light that unites them and brings a future full of hope.

"Distance" 2 x 40 x 50 cm, 2024 - Paper, sawdust, acrylic, and oil