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Spring exhibitions

This month of May started off with a bang with a very cool private exhibition that I told you about in the previous post here . During my trip to Nièvre, I took the opportunity to deliver paintings and above all attend some very cool exhibitions that I would like to share with you today


From May 8 to 12, the 10th edition of the International Actual Art Fair took place in the Pouilly-Fumé cellars (Nièvre). So we took a few days to wander through the event's 12 partner cellars to discover quality exhibitions.

My preferences were for:

Seeing all these beautiful exhibitions and this work, I understand everything I have to accomplish in turn, the discipline I need to develop and perseverance. Now I just want to be with them next year!


In the meantime, since my return to Nevers, I have been able to collect the artist's proofs of the latest paintings and once again, I am delighted with the result ! They are all available here:

The canvas prints of the work "Under control" are mounted on a frame and the concrete is in place! This week, I will be able to tackle the finishing touches before sending the precious paintings to the lucky buyers!

I just have one hand-reworked print left to grab for the month of June ! Don't wait, there won't be another edition :)


Rent a work of art with purchase option

Over time, and particularly during our long period of confinement, I was able to understand the extent to which art is essential for questioning the world and feeling good at home or in one's office. It doesn't just adorn a wall, it enhances the energy of a room, of an interior (its interior) and original works in particular are a great investment for yourself.

Recently, I have been working on the development of a financing solution to acquire my paintings, namely rental with option to purchase . Yes, leasing is possible for the purchase of a work of art!

I have been working for some time with the gallery The Art Cycle which easily offers this option to their clients and for my part, you will be able to find the complete catalog of my works available with monthly payments of 50€ or 100€ per month on simple request at

In the catalog you can choose from more than ten canvases with a purchase value of more than €500 and up to €3,200. Enough to invest in beautiful pieces.

I hope you like this solution, it's a simple and affordable way to easily invest in art and maybe even become a collector!


Venice and art

As I write to you, I am returning from a getaway to Venice to visit the International Art Biennale and, above all, the exhibition of works by one of my favorite artists: Chu Teh-Chun .

Very beautiful discovery of the city along its canals, in the streets dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, from the large San Marco square with Byzantine architecture (say that it dates from 850 AD...) . Very interesting compositions...