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New lunar cycle

Happy New Year of the Golden Dragon everyone!

"The Dragon's Den" Oil on canvas effect paper, 30x40 cm by contemporary artist Auriane Phillippon (auriane studio
"The dragon's lair" Oil on canvas effect paper, 30x40 cm

With the celebration of the new Chinese lunar calendar placed under the sign of the Golden Dragon, this new year announces renewal, a new creative cycle and a lot of change, particularly in the ecological and political sphere it seems.

This month of February revealed new questions for me in my artistic journey and my vision of the world, what I perceive of it and what I want to say about it.

“Under control” situation

After traveling on the roads of France aboard "Raoul", I started listening to a lot of podcasts on various subjects, whether artistic, entrepreneurial or broader development through current affairs. To all the curious minds who have not yet taken the plunge, I recommend this format to accompany you in moments that do not require too much concentration. There's something for everyone (knowing that eavesdropping No. 1 is the resolution of investigations... but to each their own!).

Anyway, this month I discovered the podcast "Vlan!" by Gregory Pouy who combines psychology, ecology, economics, personal development, sociology... by interviewing professionals from each sector, explaining their research and analyses.

One episode particularly struck me, that of Fabrice Nicolino journalist, about ecology and politics. In this episode, the journalist returns to the creation of planetary summits, the political issues and the lack of action on the ecological level.

What struck me was our propensity as human beings to want to control nature while obscuring the fact that we are an integral part of this ecosystem. This episode inspired me to create this painting, “Under Control”. We are pulling the strings without much conviction of a possible “ecology” but which continues to create a separation between the human race and its connection to nature.

Original painting by auriane Phillippon "Under control" Cement, charcoal, acrylic and oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
“Under control” Cement, charcoal, acrylic and oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

In this painting, the cement anchor forms the force of nature, the expression of the plates which rise, nature which expresses itself. The first intention was given thanks to the coal taken directly from the stove to bring an instinctive expression to the canvas. Then this elevation calls for a swing, trying to control this force, contrasting with colors and shapes (free vs. defined). This is why when listening to this episode, the hand in the high curve of the relief seemed obvious to me.

The hand has many meanings, particularly to symbolize civilization. It is the expression of our evolution as Homo Sapiens, it is the human tool, the direct link between spirit and matter. For my part I use my hand a lot directly on the canvas to work, it allows the instinctive movement and the sure gesture that comes from my guts.

The hand has strong symbolism in the esoteric universe, particularly for the passage of energies. But also, it symbolizes power and might. Justice has also seized it and we find it symbolized alongside kings in Renaissance paintings.

It is for all these reasons, the complementary ones between the control of energies, of balance, of power that I chose to place this hand in cold colors which stands out against the ocher background full of energy. She is however gentle, she controls without much conviction, she pulls the strings but without forcing, she is in between, she allows herself the possibility of changing her mind and letting herself be caught up in the environment in which she tries to gain the upper hand.

The hand is more and more present in my paintings, it manifests itself as a means of connection and expression between humans and nature. It allows you to express emotions because of your position. It is more or less defined according to the table.

Eco psychology

I know that I don't usually express myself on these subjects which lead to debates, but it seems more and more important to me to share my research with you in order to better understand the evolution of my work. This question of powerlessness in the face of climate and energy disruption is not recent. In my paintings I try to transcribe the energy of the elements, the force of nature. Some time ago I started the “Angry Earth” project, a way of humanizing Mother Nature and her suffering in the form of a gargoyle.

Cover of the book "Ecopsychology, the care of the soul and the earth"
Cover of the book "Ecopsychology, the care of the soul and the earth"

Recently I came across the book “Ecopsychology, the care of the soul and the Earth” while visiting the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille (a contemporary art center that I highly recommend).

This book collects testimonies and research from psychologists on the link between human psychology and nature.

I'm only at the beginning but it seems very interesting to me and it notably compares modern approaches to psychology (Freud, Jung...) with the current state of society. They also expose new ways of approaching psychology by treating the environment of discomfort to welcome well-being.

Another episode of Vlan! came to mind while reading this book, it is the intervention of Julie Itel, doctoral student in religious sciences and her research on Eco-spirituality and the growing need for connection between the spirit and nature. She takes stock of the different forms of spirituality which are oriented towards nature, for example with eco-spirits which go so far as to speak with nature.

Painting session in nature

For my part, this aspect of connection with nature echoes my way of approaching life and art. I am convinced that a (re)connection to nature is necessary to feel good. It's not for nothing that urban life, where nature has little room to develop, is very stressful. Prescribing treatment sessions in nature is becoming more and more common to relieve the mind and help the body regenerate. This is the case for certain Japanese doctors who prescribe forest baths, “Shinrin Yoku”.

For my part it has become a necessity, going out for a walk at least once a week to feel good. Otherwise, fatigue takes over and I constantly feel on edge. I was also able to see this with the workshops we did for Raoul's Odyssey or this fall with the “ Becoming aware of your environment project.

This is why this year, now based in a region conducive to contemplation, I wish to develop this type of workshop. Painting hikes, sometimes in collaboration with mountain guides in order to spend a day or a stay outside of time and in harmony with the elements. It will then be interesting to question how the inhabitants experience the territory, how they feel about it.