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Out of the oven, out in nature

This month of April was very special! Note this strange climate that we had between sunburn and snow. He also contributed to the inspiration of my latest painting “ No More Season ” which at the last minute integrates the “ Uprising of the Earth ” collection.

Original work "Ya Plus de Saisons" - 80 x 60 cm

This painting is the combination of spring warmth and snowfall in our pretty village of La Bâtie de Peyroules (04) with this majestic tree in the middle of the field. This creative day was magical! Painting under the snow, the beauty of these flakes which little by little cover the ground, the trees and the houses...


Modeling, slip and firing

On sunny days, I continued exploring ceramics, notably thanks to Dominique who taught me how to make whistles. I also let myself be tempted by buying enamels, in order to test them on cute little cups already fired. Today I am excited to present to you the results of the first batch of pieces fired after the modeling and the addition of slip carried out in March. Don't hesitate to give me your impressions in comments on the video! (There are automatic subtitles, I hope I will be work.)

These first tests are full of flaws and there is a lot of work before arriving at something conclusive but I am still delighted with the result and the new avenues that this practice brings to the field of fine arts.

I loved working the land, the mornings spent with Dominique were very informative and relaxing. Spending hours with the material was a great gift in terms of the time I gave myself. New ideas and projects are maturing.


Private opening

This weekend in particular was incredible. Some even found themselves in another world it seems.

Back in Nièvre for two weeks, I wanted to present these pieces and my new collection to my collectors. I wanted to offer them an evening to thank them for their support and their trust, to meet for a private opening just for them, for you!

Saturday evening we had a great time, nice smiles, beautiful lights in our eyes and feedback that really warms our hearts. A moment that makes you want to go further, continue to improve and grow.