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New collection of art

What if we took a step back?

The advantage of working in series is that as the creation progresses, we have a guiding line, a particular energy, and a movement that assert themselves. That's why I'm super proud to present to you my new additions that complement each other and nourish reflection in the form of a new collection of art.

 New additions? Not just that! You might recognize the painting "Falls", a painting that transformed over two periods, first in 2019 after a literal turnaround in 2022. Today, I give it the chance to integrate and produce art prints.

This collection was first presented on Saturday, March 23, at the opening of the "Mieux Que Ske Jpeux" association in Escragnolles (06) to bring together local artists and create an artistic dynamic around well-being. The painting "Under Control" was a great success with very positive feedback and the first art print order has been placed.


First special edition ever!

Also new this month in art prints, as I've been thinking about it for a while, I'm finally taking the plunge to offer you a special edition of hand-embellished art prints on canvas! But I didn't just want to enhance it with paint.

For me, it was essential to bring texture and my personal touch: concrete!

For this, I'll soon receive a test canvas that got delayed to show you the result. I'm convinced that we'll achieve the perfect blend between art prints and original works. You'll have a UNIQUE work at a lower cost but with the same quality. In terms of dimensions, I've chosen a format of 60 x 60 cm to maintain the canvas's presence and in a very limited edition of 5 copies.

The original work is available for the moment and dear collectors, keep an eye on your mailbox, you'll receive a special invitation to see it in person!

As a reminder, you can find the meaning behind this painting in the previous blog article:


New artistic explorations

Right now, I'm discovering a new material: clay. Buying a work of art is an act of kindness and personal towards oneself or someone we love. It's about nourishing the soul and reflecting our interior. What could be more personal in the objects of everyday life that surround us? Don't we all have that mug we keep for ourselves, whith a story? Yes, we all have it, maybe even too many already, but this particular element accompanies us in our rituals: the morning coffee and cigarette, the hot chocolate by the fire, the coffee stains on the desk, the evening herbal tea, sometimes even used as a flowerpot when the handle is broken! In short, it surely has a story for each of us...

For me, it's a bit of my madeleine de Proust that reminds me of my mom's gestures with her tea in front of the TV, I think back to our sibling quarrels, even parental ones, to know whose mug it is. I relive my travels through this beautiful ceramic that everyone wants to take from me...

So why not contribute to making this mug unique? Why not put some intention into it? Here are my initial researches, thanks to Dominique who has the patience to teach me the first gestures and techniques. Anyway, I'm having a blast with this exploration, between sculpting, painting, glazing... Well, the tests are in the oven, can't wait to see the results!