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Earth uprising

/ special edition

“Under Control” is somewhat the centerpiece of the collection. The allegory of the Earth and the use of hands to transmit a message are not new in my paintings, but with this one, we arrive at a very interesting turning point, a line of research which is only just beginning.

The use of concrete is symbolic for me, because I use it to construct my painting. I appreciate its irregular appearance, the cracks, its roughness, and the way of working with it in an intuitive and sensitive way. Each movement is intentional and will take shape with the canvas.

This is why, for the first time, I want to offer you the perfect blend of original work and affordable art: an art edition printed on canvas and mounted on a frame, enhanced by hand with colored concrete .

Indeed, I want to transmit this material to you, this play of textures, shadows and lights by adding concrete to this canvas. There will only be 5 copies! And all of them will be unique.

I will devote particular care to this texture work which you can personalize by telling me what color you wish to add to the concrete.

I ask you to place all your confidence in this unique project, I hope that you will like it as much as it motivates and inspires me.

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